Available IQP Services 



Owners’ Annual & Monthly Building Inspections covered by registered IQP

         SS2           Fire Alarm ( Inspection and testing 

           SS 3/2      Access Controlled Doors (inspection and  testing )

           SS 3/3      Interfaced fire or smoke doors or windows

           SS 4           Emergency Lighting [ six monthly,  and annual testing]

           SS 7           Backflow Preventer 

           SS 9           Mechanical Ventilation 

           SS 14/1      Emergency Power (Generators)

               SS 14/2      Signage for system (1-13) 

           SS 15/2     Final Exits (for Means of Escape)

               SS 15/3      Fire Separations

               SS 15/4     Signs (for means of escape)

          SS 15/5     Smoke Separations

           Trial Evacuations

Additional Services

   Specified Systems  Compliance certificates (12A) service and requesting certificates from contractors

   Arranging Service and maintenance with contractors for Specified Systems maintenance

         IQP Consultancy Service

Contact: admin@icsl.co.nz for further information

                                                                                         Call : 02102603882